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I create impactful visualizations that make your data make sense. Branding & user interaction are crucial components to these successful solutions.

Hudson Alpha

Developed an online portal concept for interactive visualization of healthcare employee data, test results, and surveys.

Medical Visualization

Developed digital twin technology to create digital patient representations with volume rendering in VR. Techniques are patent pending. 

The Little Lab

Currently developing the branding and product packaging for a line of science themed bath and body products. The Little Lab LLC, is my small business that celebrates the science behind the synthesis of skincare.


A natural language processing solution trained on millions of tweets to analyze the sentiment of human written text. Sentelligence provides interactive graphs and live search capabilities to track trends & public emotion over time.

NASA Space Apps

1st place global winner. My team developed a solar system simulation that allows players to customize planets composition. The goal of the education game is to make astrophysics more approachable & peak young students interest in space exploration!


A coming of age story about growing up in a galaxy that is falling apart, Fight ghosts, killer hockey teams, and befriend the robots on Jupiter as you find your way across the stars.

Happy Plant

Being a house plant is hard. There's just never enough water and sunlight to thrive! Journey across the house as a little succulent to break free and join the world outside.

Bar Crawl

You're grooving in the club, when suddenly, your notorious ex, Derek, locks eyes with you! Round up your friends and whisk them away in a getaway car before Derek has a chance to orchestrate a cringe-worthy reunion. Can you outwit your past and escape the dance floor drama?

Man I Love Frogs

Frogger but make it opposite, AI controls these amphibians! Move logs, rocks, and lily pads to create a path that gets you hoppin' over the finish line.

Stressed Out in Space

Embark on an interstellar teenage adventure filled with dodging evil homework, navigating metro trains, and outsmarting the cosmic Illuminati. Race against time to make it home before facing the wrath of Mom's intergalactic curfew!

Enter Into The Wild

Take new forms & shapes as you adapt to your wild surroundings. Learn to become your spirit animals in this puzzle solving game inspired by ancient India art works.

Nah Fam

Embrace the 'lol-so-random' humor & nonsensical options that Nah Fam offers by parodying the resurgence of visual novel games in the early 2000s.

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