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Hi, I'm Liv :)

I specialize in mixing art and science to create interactive experiences and compelling stories!

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© 2023 Liv Artly.

Get to know me!

I love telling engaging visual stories. With a background in computer science and graphic design, I combine both worlds to craft dynamic, immersive experiences that leave a lasting impression.

I've had the privilege of delivering speeches about visualizing big data, AI, and Women In Tech

Conference Presentations & Publications 

  • 2023, I/ITSEC, “Techniques for Simulating Data Visualization of the Digital Patient” 

  • 2023, VR/AR Association (VRARA) - Making The Connection: VR and AR in Alabama, “From Pixels to Patients, VR Visualization Techniques for Medical Exploration”

  • 2022, AlaSim, “Modeling Volumetric Medical Imagery: Advanced Visualization Technologies for Increasing Patient Comprehension”

  • 2022, Women in Tech Huntsville, Early Career Development panel 

  • 2021, Space and Missile Defense (SMD) Symposium, “AI/ML, M&S, and 3D Environments to Evaluate Mitigation Strategies for GMSLR”

  • 2021, RAM Training Summit, “Applications of AI and Big Data for RAM Disciplines”

  • 2021, U.S. Space & Rocket Center, Opening week speaker 

  • 2021, INTUITIVE Tech Talks, “Basics of AI/ML”


  • “Volumetric Dynamic Depth Delineation” - (pending) US Patent Application No.20230042865-A, Date of Application: Sept. 2, 2023

  • Women in Tech Podcast, 2023

  • NASA Space Apps Winners Panel, NASA HQ, D.C. 2022

  • 1st Place, Professional Division, International NASA Space Apps Challenge 2019

  • GHC Student Scholarship, Grace Hopper Convention 2020

  • Robotics Hero Award, U.S. Space & Rocket Center

Liv Artly

Liv Artly is the moniker I have been developing under for years! Its a personal brand that encompasses my work in game design, technology, illustration, and video production. I love documenting projects and new hobbies on my YouTube channel. Watch the videos on this page to get to know more about my design process.

Winning 1st Place in the World

International NASA Space Apps Challenge

My team developed an interactive simulation of the solar system for NASA Space Apps. Join me on a trip to NASA headquarters and meet other international winners from previous years.

Character Design Process

3D Modeling

Tune in to my character design process as I take you through each step of transforming 2D concepts to expressive 3D models.

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